the accidental melon - part 2

After a few weeks growing nicely in the cold frame, I decided to plant the melon into its final position in one of the raised beds. With the help of mr digandweed, we constructed a type of cloche from plumbing tubing and polythene. The 'cloche' was open at the ends, for ventilation and because it was easier to construct like that!

Feeling very satisfied, we watered and tended the plant for about 10 days ..... BUT ... on going down to the allotment this morning a sorry sight met our eyes! The gales of yesterday had wrecked havoc, not only was the cover ripped off, but the plant was suffering from a lot of scorching from the wind.

Several metres of fleece and half  an hour later and the melon has a new type of protection.

I am not sure how sturdy this new 'cloche' will prove as the wind is still very blustery. Melon growing is proving more tricky than I thought!