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Winter days...

December 1st and we've already had some frosty, misty mornings here in the Fens. I love these mornings, when everything is shrouded in a white cloak and the otherwise mundane is transformed into something mysterious.

The beauty of the Fens does not lie in rugged mountains or rolling hills, but in space and solitude; in naked trees silhouetted against the horizon or the merging of sky and land into one great expanse.

These are qualities I've come to appreciate in this adopted homeland of mine.

December 1st also means, that chez Fenland Lottie, it is time to start thinking about Christmas,
starting with a few twinkly lights and candles and the making of The Cake.

This year, I'm back to my favourite recipe, which also happens to be the easiest Christmas cake recipe ever!
Here is the recipe, in case you are interested.

How about you?
How are your Christmas preparations going?

All well, I hope.

Speak soon.



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