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chocolate mousse and cherries .... back to the 70s

 The locals shops are full of the most delicious cherries at the moment .... and chocolate and cherries are the perfect match. When I was a student in the 70s, a trip out to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday was a major treat and a meal of prawn cocktail, steak 'n' chips and Black Forest gateaux at a Bernie Inn was the height of sophistication! For the uninitiated, Berni Inns, were a chain of British restaurants, with a fake Tudor vibe and a limited but good value menu. For me, the highlight of the meal was always the cherry and chocolate combination known as Black Forest gateaux. This of course, was inevitably followed by an Irish coffee. Sipping coffee, laced with whiskey, through a thick layer of cream was almost always guaranteed to make me feel a little queasy! But times change, and Black Forest gateaux is no longer a thing. But, the heavenly combination of cherries and chocolate most definitely is! Chocolate mousse is one of those timeless recipes and the internet abou

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