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Rain ......

It's been an unusually wet autumn so far, and especially so in this corner of the country where rainfall tends to be very light.  Bright sunny mornings have been replaced with grey damp days and the piles of golden crisp leaves underfoot with a brown soggy mush. So the challenge has been to make the most of every brief sunny moment.

 The Nene Washes just up the road from us, are in full flood and the river ( part of the Middle Level Navigations ) which runs through our little town is very high.

It's definitely the weather to cosy up indoors and make some delicious warming food. This is Moroccan spiced lentil and chickpea soup, a recipe from a great website I have recently found, packed full of wonderful plant based recipes. If you love delicious and nutritious food, then do take a look at Niki's site.

I didn't have any tahini to make the dressing, so used a vegan yoghurt instead. A perfect soup for this time of year.
Hoping all is well in your corner of the world.

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