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the lottie in June

The long summer evenings are here at last. The perfect time to nip down to the allotment.
The other evening, Mr Digandweed and I spent an hour or so, weeding, trimming and watering with just the sound of the pigeons cooing and the distant hum of voices from the members of the archery club practising in the field across the lane - fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint) no pigeons were inadvertently shot!
The lottie is looking particularly pretty at the moment.
It is dotted with self sown Sweet Williams and Foxgloves.
The Foxgloves, in particular, are something of a mystery. I remember planting a lone specimen a few years ago,

but Mother nature has taken charge and with a deft hand has painted a beautiful scene in soft colours of cream and pink and mauve. The Trail of Tears beans are scampering up their supports. I have high hopes for these beans. They are some of the healthiest looking bean plants I have ever grown; likewise the Crookneck summer squash.
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