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November end ...

We are in the last week of November; Bonfire Night has come and gone.
The allotment has been tidied up, weeded and a thick layer of manure spread over the raised beds.
(We bought the manure in bags from the local garden centre and transported it home in the car - the smell lingered for days!)
And now my thoughts are turning to the festivities which are just around the corner.
But first, there is just time to enjoy the last week or so of what has been a very wet Autumn.

I managed to collect seed heads, a few sprigs of very late Lavender and some dried leaves from the allotment and garden to make an autumn posy. Nature is beautiful in every season.

And there has been baking ... with Tiny Girlie on one of her visits. These are Peanut Butter Muffins with Peanut Butter Frosting.

Mr digandweed loves peanut butter and could happily live on it; I'm in the 'um's ok' camp
and I'm especially not sure about it as an ingredient in cooking, but I have to say I loved these…

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