Borlotti Beans with Chorizo

This is the second year of growing Borlotti beans on the allotment with their pink speckled pods and prettily mottled beans.
Late summer/early autumn is the time to harvest them when the beans have ripened inside their pods and the autumn winds rattle them as they hang on the vine.
Sadly, the small jarful below is the extent of the harvest this year. 
Like the courgettes, the beans were also munched by a hungry Muntjac, until just a few pods, out of reach at the very top of the canes, remained!

To cook fresh borlotti beans, after podding, simmer the beans in water, with a couple of cloves of garlic, a sprig of rosemary and a bay leaf or two until soft and tender...30-40 minutes. When cooked, season well with salt and leave to cool in the water, then drain and add a good glug of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.
If fresh borlotti beans are not available, substitute with cooked dried borlotti beans or a tin of cannellini beans.

After the extremely hot summer, there is more than a hint of autumn in the air here in the Fens,
and I think the following recipe is just perfect for a cosy supper.

If you try the recipe, I hope you will agree.

Speak soon.