more vegetable beauties

This time the glamorous and glossy aubergine.

Not grown on the lottie I'm afraid, but bought from the supermarket !

They were made into a simple supper which I am calling criss cross aubergines.
The delicate flesh of the aubergine loves to soak up the flavour of spices, so I cut a criss cross into the halved aubergines and rubbed ground coriander,cumin and a pinch of smoked paprika into the surface. A drizzle of olive oil and then they were baked in a hot oven at 190 c for 45minutes to 1hour.

And to go with them, some cooked bulghur wheat dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and harissa paste with added chopped coriander, raisins and peppers...
finally finished with mouth popping pomegranate seeds.

Pomegranates are a relatively recent discovery for me. Each little seed provides a deliciously sweet and refreshing explosion.
And who knew what fun there was to be had from bashing the cut halves with a wooden spoon, a la Jamie Oliver, to release the seeds and juice.
But beware!
 Any seeds that escape and fly hither and thither will leave indelible crimson spots on surrounding surfaces!


  1. I can remember splattering my mum's lampshade with pomegranate seed juice when I was a child. Still love them.

  2. I love pomegranates... and aubergines too for that matter. We had a vegetarian mousakka packed full of aubergine this weekend

  3. Aubergines are one of my favourite vegetables - we usually eat them in Italian-inspired dishes, but I love your idea of cooking them with spices. The colours in your bulghur wheat salad are fabulous too.

  4. They're certainly very attractive but aubergines are one of the few vegetables I can't/don't eat. That salad,on the other hand, looks very delicious and is right up my street.

  5. Lovely autumnal food - look at those colours.

  6. I love the turnips in the previous post - that shade of violet! As for aubergines, they're very nice griddled and spread with squished tomatoes, crumbled feta and the rolled up and served warm.

  7. The salad looks delicious, those seeds are like little red jewels.


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