feeling ( a little bit) festive !

 A few weeks ago, after some particulary windy weather, mr digandweed and I went for a walk.
The ground was covered with fir cones and small branches which the wind had blown down.
I collected some and for the past few weeks they have gradually been drying out in the house.

If you look carefully, you can see the sticky pine resin which has gradually dried to look like sugar crystals.
Yesterday, I painted the ends lightly with cream paint, the idea being to make them into a Christmas decoration for our sitting room.

And I just couldn't resist a photo of the old board which I used as a background.
I love the textures of the knotted wood and the peeling paint.
I like to think it looks a little like frost !



  1. Your pictures are really wonderful! I wish you could give me a few lessons ;-)

    Happy sunday evening to you,


  2. Beautiful photographs... so festive.

  3. A lovely Christmas decoration - you're very creative!

  4. Oh, I really like it. What did you use for a base?

  5. The base is part of an old wooden crate which a previous owner had painted red. Glad you like it!

  6. I love the painted background and I love the way you've painted the tips of the pinecones too. Natural things often make the best decorations :)

  7. Can't beat a bit of old wood and peeling paint!


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