Delia's seville orange marmalade

It was back to Delia for a tried and tested recipe for my marmalade this year.

 It always seems serendipitous that during January and February, often some of the most dreary months of the year, that these bright orange fruit are in season.
Their sunny colour lifts the spirits and the perfume as they bubble away on the stove fills the house with warmth;
 the finished preserve, jewel like, a foil to the grey outside the window.
 This was the slogan on the back of my bag of sugar and the zingy, refreshing flavour of the finished marmalade definitely brought a smile to our faces at fenland lottie.


 And spread thickly on hot buttered toast,it is a great wake up call on these dark mornings.
Maybe it is precisely because of our damp, winter climate, that we Brits seem to love marmalade so much.

Happy breakfast!


  1. A special, heartlifting post! Well done! I have noticed recently how many orange fruits we eat over the winter months. And yes, you are probably right; the Brits do love their marmelade for its taste and cheering colour!



  2. My oranges are still in the freezer. Still much marmalade to finish from last year. I even made some fruity spelt loaf today expressly to use some up (we are porridge eaters, so no morning toast for us). I've never tried a Delia marmalade recipe - I'm usually a Marguerrite Patten disciple.

  3. We're all marmalade makers! The colour's just as uplifting as the flavour, isn't it? I have to say yours look more appealing than mine with your labels and twine!
    Enjoy it. I'm on a health kick this month but will be starting March with marmalade bread and butter pudding!
    Sarah :)

  4. Oh, lovely. You really can't beat the glow and tang of homemade marmalade. Sadly, I haven't made any this year.

  5. Must try making marmalade.... yours looks so lovely!

  6. Your marmalade looks great. I also used Delia's recipe. As with most of her things it works like a dream. So satisfying.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Like you, I find Delia is always reliable. I've just popped over to your blog too. :)


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