lately on the lottie - beginning of february


The thermometer said 7c but the icy blast from the strong, gusting wind made it seem much colder, so we didn't hang around too long on our visit to the allotment the other day -

just long enough to gather more leeks and to spot some welcome signs of the new season which is approaching:

  • fresh growth on the raspberry canes, autumn bliss, which we planted back in the autumn
  • pretty primroses, unseasonably early, sheltering in a corner
  • the neon pink shoots of rhubarb poking through, which I can't help but think look like the pink bottoms of baboons featured on wildlife programmes!
  • fresh green shoots on the chives.

We are not done with winter yet and who knows what the weather has in store for us over the next few weeks.
We certainly don't need anymore rain after what has been one of the wettest winters on record and so far it has been very mild but we may still have snow!


  1. It is rather grotty out at the moment isn't it. I found your blog earlier on whilst on a little ramble through blogland.

    1. Thank you for visiting and welcome!

  2. These signs of new life and hope are very welcome! Thank you for cheering up a very grey day.

  3. It's good to keep track of what is happening at different times of the year, don't you think? The mild weather had been exceptional this year - along with the rain of course. At least we are on the drier side of the country - something to be thankful for. I'm hoping we don't get snow though!

  4. Your allotment always looks so neat and tidy and healthy what ever the season. My garden is a very sorry sight just now!


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