a summer breakfast

 A while back I made Mary Berry's crumble recipe and thought it would make a nice granola type topping for yoghurt and indeed it does!
.. and it also keeps very well in a sealed jar.

The other good thing is that the nuts and seeds can be varied according to taste or what's in the cupboard.

I also discovered that it makes a crunchy topping to what is fast becoming my fave summer breakfast. As the weather warms up, a steaming bowl of porridge does not always seem appropriate, but the same lovely creaminess can be found in a bowl of swiss muesli. ...a recipe developed in 1900 by Dr Bircher for his patients.
It is very easy to make, so long as you remember to soak a portion of oats over night in enough milk or juice to just cover them.
The following morning stir in some yoghurt and grated apple and sweeten with a little honey if liked.
Top with extra fruit of choice and a sprinkle of the granola.

And if you spoon it into a little jar, it becomes a portable feast, a breakfast to go, which you can take to work or wherever you might be heading!



  1. Delicious - and such pretty photos. I first tasted Bircher muesli when I worked in Switzerland as a student. I haven't made it for years and now you have reminded me!

  2. Granola seems to be making a bit of a comeback, doesn't it? I noticed that Felicity Cloake has a recipe in the Guardian too. WOnder if I can put my hands on the Crank's recipe I used to use. I'm getting the call of the crunch!

  3. Love Bircher muesli. I make granola using a recipe which includes pomegranate juice. Hadn't thought of using it as a topping, though, so thanks for the tip.

  4. Bircher muesli is my favourite summer breakfast. I add halved grapes and usually top with other fruits too.

  5. I love bircher muesli and have also been playing around with granola, this one from Bangers&Mash is also good http://bangers-and-mash.com/2012/09/12/granola/

  6. Looks delicious! I must give this a try...thank you.


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