reasons to be cheerful...

January can be a gloomy time of year; short dark days, cold weather, grey skies.

So here are a few little highlights from the last few days ... reasons to be cheerful!

The last of the Christmas goodies enjoyed with a cup of tea.

A beautiful rosy grapefruit. Its zingy taste a welcome wake up call in the mornings.

A pop of sunny yellow. I always have lemons in the kitchen; their juice so useful for lifting flavour in any number of dishes.

Eggy bread or if you are feeling posh, French toast or pain perdu.
When lovely daughters were little,a savoury version of eggy bread was a favourite, often spread with Marmite.
 I had forgotten how delicious it is. 
This is my sweet version:
a slice of bread, one egg, a teaspoon of sugar, a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon, a knob of butter.
Fry till golden. 
Which just proves simple is often best!

And finally,
British tulips, grown locally in the Lincolnshire fens and saved from the reduced section of the supermarket!

Hoping you all have a cheerful weekend.


  1. January can be a little stark indeed but there is such joy in your simple pleasures. Lemons are wonderful taste lifters and so full of goodness, especially in winter.

    Happy New Year, a little belatedly.


  2. What a cheerful post, I am a great fan of eggy bread with fruit particularly strawberries. Yours looked delicious, a real delight.

  3. Eggy bread/French toast - It's been way too long! And there's a lot of brioche rolls in the freezer waiting to be eaten...

  4. My middle boy was just telling me earlier how much he loves eggy bread. I haven't made it for ages, but I think I shall give it a go now you've both reminded me. Haven't had a grapefruit for ages either, I'd forgotten they existed. Have a good Sunday, CJ xx

    1. Funnily enough, I hadn't had a grapefruit for ages either, but their rosy colour looked so enticing in the supermarket. Happy Sunday! x

  5. Oh yes, lots of reasons to be cheerful in this post (and thanks for reminding me there's a pink grapefruit in the fridge here!). I'm probably in the minority but have to admit January is one of my favourite months.

  6. Eggy bread was always a favourite in our house when my boys were small. I haven't had it in ages.

  7. What a beautiful and cheering post! French toast always makes me smile.

  8. It has been a very forgiving January this year I think, certainly here in London at least. But still the arrival of British flowers in the shops has been most welcome. And citrus fruits are welcome any time of year, but are certainly wonderful just now.

  9. Tulips already... now there's a very positive sign! If the photos are anything to go by, your kitchen must be a very cheerful place.

  10. Ooohhhh I love eggy bread! We've been polishing off the Christmas leftover goodies - I think I may of put a stone on just doing that. x

  11. Definitely a time of year to find joy in simple things.


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