better late than never

I know that I am nearly a week late with a post about pancakes, but I have an excuse...

I was struck down with a really nasty winter sickness bug, so consequently there was very little eating and even less cooking last week.
Mr digandweed , who must have the constitution of an ox, managed to avoid said bug and has been surviving on beans on toast for the past week!

But pancakes are one of our most favourite things chez fenland lottie and besides they herald the arrival of Easter, and therefore spring, in a few short weeks,
 so, as they say, - better late than never.

And pancakes with lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar is still the best way to enjoy them in my opinion.

Yesterday, a visit to the beautiful winter gardens at Anglesey Abbey. near Cambridge was just what the doctor ordered.
The house was bought by Lord Fairhaven who lived there in the 1930s and used it for entertaining friends for shooting parties and for visiting the races at nearby Newmarket.

The house and garden were bequeathed to the National Trust on his death in 1966.
At this time of year the winter gardens, in particular, look spectacular with over 270  varieties of snowdrop in bloom...
lovely witch-hazel...

and banks of beautiful coral and saffron hued dogwood

as well as an iconic silver birch tree grove.

plus a 150 year old working flour mill.

A lovely way to spend a chilly but bright February morning.


  1. So sorry you've been ill, I hope you're all better now. The house is wonderful, and I really love that silver birch grove, it's so striking. It looks like the perfect place for a winter wander. CJ xx

  2. Glad you are better. Gorgeous pancakes! I love a National Trust day out. That Birch Grove is stunning!

  3. Late? Excuses? Surely not needed. That's the great thing about writing a blog - or so I tell myself.
    Nice to hear that you are well again - that lemon juice must have helped!

  4. You know, I think I may have seen that silver birch grove on TV once and still remember it to this day. In fact it's part of my dream garden.
    Seems we've all been falling victim to one nasty illness or another lately. It's been a bad winter for catching horrible bugs. But I'm glad you've been out and about and that you're up to pancakes. I agree, sugar and lemon are all that's needed. Simple and delicious (and moreish).
    S x

    1. The silver birch grove is beautiful- much better than my photo suggests and when we were there it looked like they were extending it with more trees being planted.

  5. Sorry to hear you've been unwell but good to hear you didn't miss out on pancakes. That house and its gardens look wonderful. Sometimes think I actually prefer seeing a garden wearing its winter cloak.

  6. Oh no! Winter sickness bugs are nasty things. We all caught it over Christmas. Love pancakes though. x


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