mmm ...chocolate

Last week we visited younger lovely daughter in Nottingham, so it seemed the perfect excuse to make something sweet and chocolatey to take with us.
The recipe that caught my eye was from Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet cookbook.
Who can resist a chocolate muffin? Particularly when Dan himself says 'they are simply the best chocolate muffin you will ever eat'!

The method for making them was slightly different from the usual muffin method in that cornflour, cocoa, sugar and water are whisked together over a medium heat to make a very thick custard before adding the remaining ingredients.
At this point, I accidentally left the mixture on the heat and ended up with a very lumpy looking mix. Fearing that the chocolate had seized, I carried on regardless.

I need not have worried. The recipe is very forgiving and the result was some of the most moist, light and chocolatey muffins I have ever tasted.
It seems that Dan Lepard is right!

If you would like to make the muffins, the recipe is here.

It is raining this morning in the flat fenlands.
Not the torrential thunderstorms that were forecast, but steady drizzle; soft,warm and pleasant summer rain.
We certainly need it.
The earth is dust dry down on the allotment.

Wishing you a happy weekend whether you are gardening, baking or doing something entirely different!

annjenny x


  1. Those chocolate muffins are certainly tempting, maybe a special occasion!!!

  2. I love recipes that involve melting and combining dry ingredients, so simple yet effective.

  3. They look delicious, I like that way of making them as well, satisfyingly easy. The rain has been wonderful hasn't it. Everything beautifully watered. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. CJ xx

  4. I bet those muffins were very well received! Rain here, too. One of our cats is not best pleased!

  5. Think I need to try those muffins! Sound delicious

  6. They look delicious. It seems that, as anything remotely tasty is off the menu for me until July, everyone's making these mouthwatering cakes and buns and biscuits. It's torture!
    We've had rain here too. I don't mind it so much but I do wish the temperatures would rise a bit.

    1. Ooops! Yes,sorry about that. They do contain a lot of sugar and I know you are restricting your intake at the moment. They are not the most healthy muffin ..delicious though!

  7. I've just made a batch of these tonight... My custard went lumpy and the chocolate looked like it seized but with some vigorous whisking when I added the oil everything seemed to work. I've not tried one yet but youngest son has just eaten two!

    1. I'm glad you had a go :) Interesting that the same thing happened with your mixture but they do seem to turn out in the end. They got the thumbs up here and with your son too it seems!


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