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It's been a very hectic few weeks.
It started with attending a sourdough bread making course ( more of that another time), followed by a kitchen makeover chez fenland lottie and then a couple of days away in our favourite seaside town.

Whilst in Southwold, mr digandweed took to running along the beach at 6 in the morning.
I stayed in bed with a cup of tea.
Southwold has a lovely harbour on the Blyth estuary.
The seagulls hold meetings there before swooping out to sea to catch their tea.

For the rest of us, acquiring a fish supper is much easier thanks to the array of wooden kiosks which line the shore, all selling freshly caught fish.

From the harbour, we took the rowing boat ferry across the river to the pretty village of Walberswick and had gooseberry and elderflower ice cream in the lovely shady garden of a tearoom before walking back to Southwold over the Bailey Bridge.

Back home, the gooseberries on the allotment were turning a beautiful pink.
We picked bowlfuls.

And I turned them into a gorgeous ruby coloured jam, following Delia's recipe.

Of course, home-made jam requires some home-made scones  ...and a nice cuppa.

We finished our weekend with a trip to the Great Fen community celebration and a wander round Woodwalton reserve.

There were masses of this huge daisy like flower (about 80cm tall ; flowers about 7cm diameter) growing along the damp grassland.
We looked it up on our return home but couldn't work out what it was.

But whatever its name, the bees loved it!


  1. Gooseberry jam is my favourite! It sounds like you had a lovely break & I think I'd much prefer staying in bed with a cup of tea than running across a beach too x

  2. Sounds as though you've had a lovely few days. I'm wondering if the yellow flower you saw at Woodwalton is Inula helenium (Elecampane). BTW, your pink gooseberries have made some lovely-looking jam - ideal with scones and tea, as you say!

    1. Thank you! I have just googled Elecampane and I think you may be right. It definitely fits the description. I see that it is used as a herbal remedy and also in France in the manufacture of absinthe!

  3. Sounds like a perfect few days away. I love gooseberry jam too!

  4. Love the sound of your hectic couple of weeks! I'm not sure I've tried gooseberry jam but yours looks yummy, especially atop that scone.

  5. Beautiful gooseberries and the jam looks equally delightful. Southwold is such a lovely part of the country.


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