the calm before the storm

The calm before the storm in more ways than one.
These photos were taken before Abigail* came sweeping across the country ....

... beautiful saffron - hued leaves still clinging to the trees

and sunshine streaming into our house*

casting patterns and shadows on the table.

A tranquil breakfast; yoghurt, blueberries and this delicious granola.

That was the other day. The storm arrived but I have to say that in this little corner of the Fens we got off lightly; just a few squally showers and blustery winds.

I always think there is a lull of a different sort in the weeks between Bonfire Night and the beginning of December. A hiatus before the onslaught of Christmas preparations.
Now, I know some people will probably have already completed their pre Christmas tasks - neat piles of presents already wrapped and labelled, but I've never been able to get enthusiastic about Christmas until December is here.

I will be writing lists again this year. Lots of lists.
Nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing things off a list!

* The first storm to be officially named by the Met office.
* A detail from a decorative glass screen made by my very talented sister and brother-in-law.

This weekend especially, may our hearts and minds be filled with love and friendship and kindness  #thinkingofparis

annjenny x


  1. I will of course be joining you thinking of Paris. The name of the storm did make me smile A-big-gail! Obviously someone with a sense of humour. Have a good weekend.

    1. Yes, very sad about Paris. I hadn't realised that Abigail could be broken down like that - silly me! One of our daughters is called Abigail, so you would think I would have realised.


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