I've started running. 
When I say running, I'm not talking record breaking sprints or long marathons -
  as if!
No, by running, I mean more of a speeded up plod.

Actually, I started running over a year ago. From a standstill. Literally. 
Progress has been slow, but my aim is to enter a 5k parkrun before too long.

Mr digandweed has been a keen runner for years now, so when I gave up work just over a year ago, I decided to join him. We can usually be seen running, often at the crack of dawn, round our local country park. Mr digandweed, of course, is much faster than me, so he goes one way round the park and I go the other. That way we pass each other and if I have fallen into a hedge en route he can yank me out! Not that that has ever happened thankfully.

Finally, after about 14 months I am finding it easier. 
That 5k is within reach!
My running, you may have realised, has nothing whatsoever to do with the photos in this post. I wasn't inclined to post a photo of me red - faced and exhausted, so instead some pictures of recent visits to Stamford and Cambridge.
And, taken this morning, photos of the flooded washlands just a mile up the road.

This is land which is deliberately allowed to flood in order to reduce water levels in other parts.
It is quite picturesque. Peaceful and still.

Happy weekend all.

annjenny x


  1. There has been so much rain of late that the ground is like a quagmire, nothing like the flooded fens of course but muddy non the less. The deli at Stamford looks rather enchanting. Good for you getting fit running, good luck with an organized run.

  2. Well done on the running. Hopefully I shall start again when the mornings are warmer, I've rather wimped out since it's been chillier. Lovely photos, good to see that sort of flood management. CJ xx

  3. Love those pictures, especially the last one. Good to hear all the running (crack of dawn? Impressive!) is getting easier. Look forward to reading about your first 5k (it will happen!).

  4. Very impressed by the running. It's something I've wanted to do but whenever I try I feel it's doing more harm than good. Good luck with the 5k!

    1. I felt like that to begin with too as my knees were hurting but gradually they got better and are ok now. I followed the NHS 'couch to 5k' programme. I think it's good to run with someone as well, as I find motivation really hard some mornings - the cosy bed often seems a much better option!

  5. Well done you. I'd like to start running. My husband & I tried a couple of years back but he thought he had an issue with his knee!! I must get him out there again xx

  6. I never realised so much rain had fallen in the area around Cambridge. It looks very wet.

    I am impressed by your running. I should follow your example!


    1. We did have a lot of rain last week, but the Cambridgeshire Fens, where I live, are prone to flooding. As an area,it is very flat and very near or even below sea level in parts. I think it is not unlike Holland and in fact a lot of the dykes and drains around here were masterminded by the Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden in the 17th century - so we have quite a connection to your country!

  7. I was built for comfort and not speed, but, I DO love walking! Well done you for starting running, and what FAB photos in the post too! Karen


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