To picnic or not?

 It's been nice weather for a picnic recently, if you ignore the odd hailstorm ... or two.

These photos are of the historic city of Ely. Originally an island, before the Fens were drained in the 17th century, the name means 'isle of eels' . Eels were an important part of the diet of fenfolk for centuries.
I did once try some eel, many years ago, after mr digandweed caught one on a fishing trip. Not my most favourite food!

Ely is also famous for the magnificent cathedral (sorry - no photos)  known as ' The Ship of the Fens'. It stands like a beacon and can be seen for miles across the flat landscape
We sat, mr digandweed and I, and enjoyed a picnic lunch, with the river in front of us and the cathedral behind. Rather lovely.

A few days earlier I made these little pies which would make a good lunch, to be eaten either indoors or out.

I followed a recipe which I found on Kellie's lovely blog Food to Glow.
A great blog for innovative vegetarian (sometimes vegan) inspiration.


It's back to woolly scarves and gloves at the moment, so no more picnics for the time being, but next week sees the arrival of May, so who knows!

Hope the coming week is a good one for you.

annjenny x


  1. I've sat along there with fish and chips, happy memories. Interesting about the eels.

    1. It's a lovely spot and with fish and chips, even better!

  2. Food always tastes so much better when eaten outdoors, don't you think? Your pies look so good, perfect picnic food. We had to make do with bags of chips at the beach. Not that Boo was complaining.

    1. Mmm chips at the seaside - perfect!

  3. Love the look of those pies. Might be making those this week. It's ages since I have been to Ely... Such a lovely place for a day out

  4. There is nothing nicer than eating in the great outdoors, unfortunately it is cold and raining here at the moment so nice treat for the time being.


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