Lately ....early summer.

May ... such a beautiful month.
There is nothing to rival the bright, lush verdant green of new growth that May brings and the soft pink and white of confetti -like blossom. Nature at her most beautiful.
 May is also the  start of the open garden season.
And visiting other people's gardens is one of my favourite things to do.
Last weekend, on the sunniest of days, mr digandweed and I visited a beautiful garden in Northamptonshire.
The lovely, manicured gardens contrasted with a pretty woodland walk accessed via a little wooden bridge and provided very welcome shade from the unexpected heat of the sun.

In our own garden, everything is bursting into leaf and flower too.

Feeling very summery, I decided to have a go at making elderflower jelly.
It is still too early for foraging elderflower blossom, but this jelly can be made with bought elderflower cordial.
I used this recipe but adapted it slightly. I found I had to increase the amount of gelatine to 5 sheets as the first batch refused to set. But my second attempt gave a delicious jelly with just the right amount of wobble and was delicious with coconut yoghurt.

Hoping the week ahead is a good one!

annjenny x


  1. That jelly sounds delicious!
    May is a beautiful month, isn't it? Although we've had very changeable weather recently and the hawthorn's barely in bloom just yet. So lovely to see green hedgerows again.

  2. I am finding May a little strange this year with its mixture of weather and intermittent spurts of growth in the garden.

  3. I think May is my favourite month - everything bursting into leaf and flower. Lovely sense of renewal. Your elderflower jelly looks delicate and delicious. Yum.

  4. Nothing like a good old nose round someone else's garden for inspiration (and, in my case, more than a little envy!). There seems to be so much blossom this year. I can't stop sticking my face in all that amazing sweet smelling hawthorn (much the mister's embarrassment).

  5. PS Meant to say I've been experiencing difficulty leaving a comment but hopefully it's sorted now.


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