Here, there .... and happy birthday Ma'am

The long, light evenings we have been enjoying afford the opportunity for some evening strolls and here in the watery fens, we are never far from a river or dyke.

The fens lack the grandeur of valleys and hills, but there is beauty to be found in wide open skies and peaceful waterways.

 There is also beauty aplenty in the profusion of flowers bursting forth at the moment. 
I spotted this dahlia at the local garden centre.
 For a while it seemed that dahlias were out of favour but they appear to be making a comeback
and though I usually prefer the single variety, this little lovely caught my eye and I just had to bring it home with me!

And at last, a first harvest from the lottie. 
Just a few Swiss chard leaves, but it's a start!

With some mint, they found a place in a simple salad.

Inspired by a recipe from House Beautiful magazine, this salad combined lightly cooked peas and mangetout in a dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar and lots of chopped mint, with salad leaves ( the aforementioned Swiss chard plus radicchio ) ...

...and topped with toasted pine nuts and dollops of creamy ricotta cheese.

Finally, this weekend marks the Queen's official birthday. Events and tributes will be taking place across the country.
Whatever your views on the British monarchy, I don't think anyone can deny the fact that The Queen has been tireless in her devotion to duty and at the age of 90 is a quite remarkable woman.
So here is my own little tribute!

That most British of cakes - a little Victoria sponge and some mini Union Jack bunting.

Happy 90th Birthday Ma'am.

Mr digandweed and I are off to visit some open gardens tomorrow and listen to a concert band on the market place of our little town.

Hoping you have good plans too.
Happy weekend everyone.

annjenny x


  1. Loved the look of the salad, very tasty. A lovely tribute to our wonderful Queen, there are a few minor events locally in celebration.

  2. Really enjoyed your photos! Happy days ahead!!!

  3. That dahlia is gorgeous, I'm not surprised you couldn't resist popping it into your basket. The salad looks deliciously refreshing and your little celebratory cake is perfect.


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