The month of March

The month of March has arrived and with it comes Spring.
 The first day of Spring is 20th March, unless of course, you follow the meteorological seasons, in which case Spring arrived a few days ago on March 1st!
Either way, days are getting longer, birds are singing and buds are waiting to burst.

I spent a pleasant couple of hours on the allotment earlier in the week.
A quick inspection showed no damage from the recent gales, just a bit of routine tidying needed:  a light pruning of the gooseberry and lavender bushes, some weeding (as ever !) and a bit of an overhaul of the Autumn Bliss raspberry canes.
I cut each cane down to ground level and dug out some of the runners which were making a bid for freedom in an attempt to prevent the thicket which ensued last year.
We shall see!

Back home in the kitchen, a rummage in the vegetable basket, unearthed a couple of butternut squash left from last autumn and still in good condition.
Flicking through the latest edition of Waitrose Food, I had already spotted a recipe for warm winter salad with roast pepper dressing which looked interesting and squash was one of the ingredients required.

The roast pepper dressing was a simple whizz-in-the-blender task and produced enough tasty dressing for the salad and some to keep in the fridge as a useful addition for other salads or pasta etc.

The salad itself may not be particularly photogenic but I liked the combination of flavours - the buttery avocado, slightly bitter cabbage and the acidic tang of the dressing.
It made a fairly quick and simple supper.

Today, the sun is shining here and it feels very springlike in our sheltered garden.
I may even take a cup of tea outside and sit on the garden bench a while. 🌞



  1. It was a lovely day wasn't it. I was digging up leeks and cutting cavolo nero. A swap with a neighbour yielded some beautiful,purple sprouting broccoli. Had a lovely chat with a woman on the bus home about my cavolo which she'd never seen before.

    Plenty of blessings to count with your cup of tea, I hope.

  2. You always cook such tasty sounding dishes.

  3. Looks and sounds very delicious. Funny how changing seasons affect our menus. I'm over all that comforting winter stodge I've been cooking (though maybe not ready to give up the fruit crumbles and custard just yet!).


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