Old Sulehay Forest

It was mr digandweed's birthday last weekend.
We went for a walk with Tiny Girlie, her mama and daddy to the most magical of woods not far from here.
Old Sulehay forest is just one of a few small fragments remaining of Rockingham Forest, an ancient  royal hunting ground which originally stretched from Wansford to Kettering.
We wandered through acres and acres of bluebells and wild garlic ...

amidst Oak, Ash, Field Maple and Hazel.
We listened to the birds singing high up in the branches and spotted holes in some of the tree trunks made by woodpeckers.

When our legs got tired ( that would be the older people, for Tiny Girlie seems to be able to walk for miles!) we spread out a rug for a picnic lunch. 
A nearby tree stump became a 'table' for the birthday cake and much to Tiny Girlie's delight we lit a solitary candle and sang 'Happy Birthday'

Mr Digandweed declared it to be a most perfect birthday party!

Time was short in the run up to Mr D's birthday, so the cake in the woods was a rather nice carrot cake from M&S
but later in the week, with an accumulation of bananas in the fruit bowl, I squeezed in time to try out a recipe from queen of cakes - Mary Berry.
It proved to be a success.
A delicious, moist cake with a texture not unlike gingerbread and lovely honey overtones.

Here is the recipe should you wish to try it.

I'm hoping the sun is going to make an appearance later for there is gardening to be done!

Happy weekend.



  1. Belated birthday wishes to your husband, what a wonderful way to spend your birthday. The banana teacake looks delicious.

    1. Thank you. I popped over to have a read of your blog and am glad to see you are settling so well into your new home. It certainly is a beautiful place that you have moved to.

  2. You picked the perfect place for Mr Digandweed's birthday walk. I love that haze of colour you get under the trees...and your cake looks yummy too.

    1. Thank you. The first photo would make a good watercolour painting, don't you think? x

  3. The woodland picnic sounds like the perfect birthday party. Happy birthday Mr. Digweed!


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