woodland walks and wild berries

It's September.
One of my most favourite times of year -
season of mists and mellow fruitfulness :John Keats
And as if on cue, this morning we woke to a heavy dew and mist hanging low across the fields.

These are photos taken on a walk that mr digandweed and I did the other day through Fineshade woods.

Often days that start off misty, turn into wonderful, warm and sunny Autumn days.
There's nothing nicer than seeing the array of seed heads, berries and hips that adorn the hedges.

And the most delicious of all, of course, the humble bramble.
Mr digandweed is a useful companion when blackberrying as he is able, due to his height, to reach the biggest, juiciest berries which would normally be out of reach.

It's no coincidence that apples and blackberries ripen at the same time, for what better combination could there be ?

A rosy red apple, baked in the oven and served with stewed blackberries and yoghurt makes the most delicious breakfast.

One of September's little pleasures!



  1. I've never thought about a stewed apple for breakfast. What a lovely idea... guess what I'm having tomorrow!

  2. Love those pictures! Love autumn! Love baked apples!

  3. Glorious. Not sure about waiting for the baked apple at breakfast though a good lesson in deferred gratification and a tasty reward for the wait.

    1. Hehe!It was quite a small eating apple and took about 15 minutes in a hot oven whilst I made coffee etc.I have since cooked one in the microwave which of course was much quicker and seemed just as nice.

  4. When I think of apple and blackberries, it inevitably becomes a crumble or pie. A baked apple for breakfast sounds delicious.

    1. Pies are delicious too. Can't beat a good apple pie!


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