Hygge, heiter, cosy .....

.....whatever you like to call it, Millie the cat has it cracked.

Millie is a recent addition to our family. She arrived by default; a rescue cat whom we 'fostered' for a few weeks when dear daughter couldn't look after her and who has now made her home permanently here!
And she certainly knows how to do cosy.

This morning was very cold and frosty.
Time for warm blankets, candles in the evening and comfort food.
'Tis the season for crumble!

With some of the plums from the summer's huge harvest still in the freezer, I decided on a plum crumble with the addition of chunks of dark chocolate and some toasted hazelnuts.

But when the plums had defrosted they had, for some unknown reason, a distinctly 'off' flavour. 
Feeling rather disappointed, I rummaged around in the cupboard and found a tin of pears which made a good substitute.

So here is pear crumble, with oats, dark chocolate and hazelnuts.
I tend to go with Delia's recipe for the crumble mix, but I replace half the flour with oats and in this case added some dark chocolate broken into chunks ( as much as you dare!) and some toasted, chopped hazelnuts to taste.

Serve warm with cream or custard.
Guaranteed to cheer up a grey cold day!



  1. Pears and chocolate make a great combination, a bit like kittens and wool. Sweet...

  2. What a gorgeous little cat, well done you for giving her a home. The crumble looks divine, chocolate and hazelnuts, oh my. I've got plenty of fruit in the freezer at this time of year, although I missed the local cherry plums this year. Hope you have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

  3. That sounds like a divine flavour combination. I have some plums in the freezer and now I'm thinking I should check on them. She's a very pretty little cat x


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