Christmas countdown - week three...

We had snow.
But not as much as we were expecting.
This was the view last Sunday from dear daughter's flat in Nottingham.
There was just enough to magically transform but not enough to make travelling difficult.

And the mince pies have been made.
Some to eat now and some to pop into the freezer to be enjoyed when the Big Day arrives. one long tart .

That's one more thing crossed off the list!

Wishing you a good week ahead.



  1. Ooh, lovely mince pies. I'm in that cycle of bake a batch, eat a batch, cross them off the list, add them onto the list.

  2. That tart does look lovely Annie. We also seem to eat the mince pies as soon as I make them but I have managed to squirrel a few away in the freezer!

  3. Love the look of the tart it would make a lovely centrepiece for a buffet. The snow certainly made driving home difficult as it froze and made the roads quite dangerous. Glad to hear you didn't have the same problems.


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