It's Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day tomorrow.
I love this mini celebration which punctuates the months between Christmas and Easter and which reminds us that Spring is not that far away.
My all time favourite pancakes are those which are served with a drizzle of lemon juice and a sprinkling of crunchy sugar. They are the pancakes of my childhood, made by mum and devoured with delight by my sister and me.
But, I may have found a recipe to rival them!

These 'one cup' pancakes with grated pear are quick and easy. The recipe can be found here.
Served with a blob of yoghurt or creme fraiche  and a splash of maple syrup they were delicious.

The making and tossing of pancakes has a long tradition in this country;
' And every man and maide doe take their turne,
And tosse their pancakes up for feare they burne.'
Pasquil's Palin 1619

As do Pancake Day races. I'm a little disappointed there is no pancake day race in our little town!
However, there is a famous one which takes place each year in Olney Buckinghamshire, which is not that far from here. Participants must be women local to the area and are required to wear an apron and hat or headscarf.
What a great way to celebrate the humble yet delicious pancake!



  1. Nothing more enticing than a pile of freshly cooked pancakes. I've only eaten pancakes as an adult (couldn't abide them when I was growing up though my brother always ate enough for two) and plan making the traditional big rolled ones for tea (two versions like most things here). Enjoy yours!

  2. Those pancakes look delicious. My favourites were always lemon and sugar but these days I am a little partial to maple syrup since visiting America.

  3. I'm being a bit of a killjoy this year. As I made pancakes for breakfast on Saturday I declared I really couldn't be bothered today. I though thee would be an outcry but no one was bothered

  4. I've made apple and banana variations of pancakes, but have never thought of using pears, which sounds really delicious. I will be giving this a try. I'm like you, lemon and sugar are the best, just like Mum made.


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