Summer heatwave

It's been hot lately .... and dry, so dry.
It seems like ages since we had any rain, though maybe it's only a week or two - the memory is fickle sometimes!
On the lottie, the fine, dry soil billows up in clouds and blows away on a gust of wind.
We have been watering almost every day. Mr Digandweed has taken to running down to the plot in the early morning and giving everything a good soaking before the sun has a chance climb high in the sky and dry everything to a crisp.
This strategy is working well. The grass paths are like straw, but the fruit and veggies are green and lush.
I picked the first of the peas the yesterday. A variety called petit pois Waverex which I bought as seedlings from the local nursery earlier in the year.
The pods are a beautiful chalky green colour (- a favourite colour of mine. I can imagine a Farrow and Ball paint called Pea Pod Green ) and inside are some of the tiniest, sweetest peas you can imagine.
I grew peas a few years ago on the lottie but was disappointed when almost every pod contained a grub of some sort and so I gave up, but these delicious little peas have restored my faith.

They deserved, it seemed, to be more than just an accompaniment, relegated to the side of the plate and I had elaborate plans for them, but in the end the heat and time got the better of me. Instead, I lightly crushed them, mixed in some soft goats' cheese and chopped mint and piled the mixture onto toasted sourdough.

I did, however, find time to transform some of the strawberry harvest into a delicious granita.
Mouth numbingly cold, but so refreshing in this heat.
Recipe from Queen Delia.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Speak soon.



  1. Oh, the watering is just exhausting right now. I can't keep,up with it. We've had no rain here for about a month and everything is looking parched and sad. Me included!

    Is pea envy a thing? I think it may be.

    1. I know- it's never ending isn't it? And now, with all the talk of water shortages, I'm beginning to feel guilty about using water! And especially when Monty sowed a row of carrot seeds last night on Gardener's World, watered them in and then said that would be it for watering! Surely they would just shrivel up when they germinate?

  2. Your peas look perfect Annie and I love the sound of what you did with them.


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