A faulty freezer and an ice cream..

A man came to fix the freezer the other day.
Our 'frost free' freezer had started icing up. It turns out that the thick layer of ice visible on the roof of the freezer was just ...ahem...the tip of the iceberg!
The repair required the removal of a back panel and the use of an industrial sized hairdryer and something resembling a small pick axe to remove a large amount of ice from the very innards of the machine.
Something to do with a blocked drainage hole....
Anyway, we now have a super efficient freezer which blasts arctic cold air in your face when the door is opened. 
Rather pleasant in this continuing heatwave!

So cue the making of more iced goodies.

The gooseberries on the allotment seem to have loved the weather this year. They were unperturbed by the late spring and have loved the long, hot summer days over the past weeks.
Consequently, we have a bumper crop of big juicy fruit.

So I decided to try out another recipe from Delia - Gooseberry and Elderflower ice cream.
The recipe can be found here.

I loved the refreshingly tart flavour of the ice cream, but mr digandweed, whose sweet tooth I have been trying to curb for the last 36 years, found it too sharp!

But, if you find yourself with a glut of gooseberries it is well worth making.

I added a sprinkle of crumbled chocolate chip cookies on top, which went some way to appeasing mr digandweed and also gave a nice crunch.

Lovely for cooling down in this continuing heatwave.
Apologies to those of you not resident in the British Isles for the continuing chatter about the weather, but temperatures of 25c plus for several weeks on end is virtually unheard of in these parts.
There is now talk of water shortages and hosepipe bans. Although we do not use a hosepipe on the allotment, preferring a watering can for more targeted use of water, we are now trying to be more careful and are just watering the most vulnerable plants.
Trying to do our bit!

Hope the weekend is a good one for you.

Speak soon



  1. That sounds like just my sort of ice cream. I like my fruit puddings a bit tart as find too much sugar masks the flavour

  2. I'm glad the freezer could be mended without having to defrost everything. The ice-cream sounds delicious, and as always, so beautifully photographed. I used to make gooseberry ice-cream when I had the allotment, but now I only have a small bush and it's not producing much fruit yet. A hot one forecast today, things are really looking dry out there now. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. CJ xx

  3. I love goosegogs but can't remember the last time I ate some. Your ice cream does look very tempting, I must say, and such a good idea to finish off with the crumbled cookies.


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