I love this time of year; cool, slightly hazy mornings which transform into sunny afternoons.
 And hedgerows bursting with berries and hips.
  The other weekend, we packed drinks and snacks into a bag and with tin can and sturdy stick set off on a blackberrying trip.

I love blackberrying. It's one of those pastimes which has been enjoyed for generations. I remember picking blackberries as a child, we did the same when our two daughters were small and now Tiny Girlie is enjoying the same sense of glee at finding a hedgerow full of luscious purple berries. Several bowlfuls were collected but also quite a number consumed en route by a very small person!

At home, most of the berries were enjoyed for breakfast with yoghurt otherwise they may have ended up in these little cakesBlackberry and Almond Friands but instead I used raspberries.

The friand is a little cake very popular in Australia and New Zealand. I had never made or eaten one before, but I had been missing out. It turns out they are delicious, moist almond flavoured little cakes, perfect with a cup of coffee.

The method for making them is easy though slightly unusual. There is no raising agent, except the egg whites but even those are only lightly whisked, yet they rose beautifully.
Do give them a try!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely time of year.

Speak soon.



  1. I have never eaten or made a friand so may just have to remedy that! Must get out blackberry picking too... I pass some lovely bushes on my morning dog walk!


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