Plum harvest..

It's that time of year again; plum harvest time. 
Once again the little tree on our allotment has produced a bumper crop - about 50lbs/22kg to be precise.

For the past two weeks mr digandweed and I have been collecting bowlfuls each day.
As is the way, some fell to the ground as windfalls to be quickly devoured by wasps, so that gathering the ones remaining on the tree became an occupation fraught with danger!
Fortunately, no-one was stung, though I was bitten by an unidentified critter, which resulted in a very swollen and red arm and a late night trip to A&E ..but that's another story.

  The plums are delicious, sweet and juicy, a beautiful deep red colour, freckled with yellow and green.
We have given away bowlfuls, frozen bagfuls, roasted yet more and made jam.

I especially love them roasted in the oven with just a drop of water, a tiny amount of brown sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon or mixed spice....

....absolutely delicious with yoghurt and a few nuts for breakfast.

I also made my usual plum jam recipe and for a change a plum and cardamom jelly too. The jelly is a recipe from Perfect Preserves: Maggie Mayhew.
The shelves in the kitchen cupboard are crammed with jars of different shapes and sizes, which is just how I like it. I feel somewhat like a squirrel getting ready for winter.

Summer's bounty preserved for the colder months.

Speak soon.




  1. Wonderful. I am going to replace my ailing peach tree (peach leaf curl has nearly finished it off) soon, and I think I might go for a plum instead. Either that or a dessert cherry or mulberry I think. But you make a very good case for plums. I've got a few jars of jam this year too, which as you say is lovely to have ready for those winter months. Your labels are great, very nicely done. And I like the way you've cooked the plums too. CJ xx

    1. The plum tree has always been very productive and virtually trouble free though. I must admit a cherry tree sounds wonderful. Cherries always seem difficult to find in the shops and quite expensive.
      I’m glad you like my labels- I like fiddling about on the computer to make them.

  2. You certainly have the yummiest looking breakfasts! The first homemade jam I ever tasted was plum and it was the first I made myself. It must be extremely satisfying to fill the larder with your own produce. Now, what to do with the three cherry tomatoes I've harvested here?!

    1. I love plum jam- it’s one of my favourites. Don’t go mad with your tomatoes!


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