Ciara, Dennis and forced rhubarb....

If you live in the UK, you won't have escaped the savage storms we've had recently; first Ciara, followed this weekend by Dennis.
We seem to have got off lightly in this, normally dry part, of the country. The network of dykes and rivers, controlled by sluice gates and pumping stations, means most of the water is channeled away, though the road across the Nene Washes  just a few minutes from our house, has been closed on and off for weeks now due to flooding. But this is nothing compared to other parts of the country who, very sadly, have been hit yet again by terrible flooding with damage to property and livelihoods devastated.
With so much wind and rain, work on the allotment  is on hold for the moment.
However, I have been busy with my photography and over on Instagram have been taking part in a food photography challenge for the past month, which involved posting 3 photos a week on a particular subject. Some of the photographers/ photos have been truly amazing - something to aim for! If you click the Instagram button at the top of my page, you should be able to see some of my efforts.

I seem to have missed the seville orange season and the window for making marmalade ( which is a shame, as the last jar from the cupboard has just been finished ) but the gloriously pink forced rhubarb has just appeared in the shops.

I had to buy some; the cheerful pink colour is just too beautiful to pass by.
Each year, I think of forcing some of the large clump of rhubarb we have on the allotment and yearn after one of those lovely terracotta forcing pots, but the eye watering price tag puts an end to that dream - and a black plastic bucket just isn't the same!
This rhubarb was baked in the oven with a tiny bit of water, some caster sugar and a good drizzle of vanilla paste. I had some for breakfast this morning with a bowl of yoghurt. Delicious!

Hoping things are well with you.

Speak soon.


  1. Your photos are always absolutely gorgeous, so I shall go and find you on Instagram immediately. I can well imagine the allotment is too wet to work on at the moment. And I saw a field much like the one in your picture yesterday. CJ xx

  2. We got off lightly too Annie for which I am thankful. However like you my heart goes out to all those affected by these terrible storms.

  3. I seem to have missed the marmalade season too but I do still have a couple of jars lurking in the cupboard. We have been relatively unscathed by the storms too. Just a couple of fence panels down in a fence we were intending to replace!


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