Christmas Wishes

Yesterday, Mr Digandweed and I ventured out to finish our grocery shopping before the Big Day and happened to pass Father Christmas in the street.

He was striding along very purposefully and looking, I have to say, rather glum, not at all his usual jolly self .....and minus his famous mode of transport. No sleigh or reindeer in sight!

I wondered whether the sleigh had broken down and was in for repair, or whether, terrible thought, Rudolph had been taken ill. I do hope he is up and running, or I should say flying, before tomorrow night, so that he can complete the mammoth task of delivering all those presents. 

And with that thought, onto a more food related topic!

 The following recipe for Christmas Muffins has become something of a family tradition over the years. A delicious treat to be enjoyed for breakfast over the festive season.

They are packed with Chrismassy flavours: cranberries, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange zest.

If you want to give them I try, then I recommend, either making them ahead and freezing them, which is what I do. A few minutes in a moderate oven warms them up nicely on the day. Or assembling the dry and wet ingredients separately the night before and then mixing and baking the following morning.
The recipe gives a very heavily fruited muffin, so feel free to use less cranberries if you prefer.

And after this very difficult year, sending extra special Christmas thoughts and hoping for some days of comfort and joy for us all.
Here's to a brighter and more hopeful 2021.

With love


  1. Sad to be missing those delicious Christmas muffins this year 😢.

  2. They sound delicious although we usually end up having croissants on Christmas morning... a rare treat! I hope you had a good Christmas xx

    1. Thank you Gina. We had a good time - I hope you did too xx


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