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It's St David's Day soon and I thought it would be nice to share a recipe for Welsh cakes to mark the occasion.

March 1st is the day that the Welsh celebrate their National Day and their Patron Saint, St David and many people mark the occasion by wearing a daffodil or leek, and maybe, by eating these delicious little griddle cakes.

Welsh cakes were one of the first things that our girls learnt to bake when they were little. The recipe is straightforward and useful for learning skills such as 'rubbing in', mixing, rolling and cutting out.

The original recipe we used was from an old Be-Ro book

These little books, which have served generations of families, were originally introduced in the 1920s as a marketing tool and are still printed today.

But, if you would like to try these cakes for yourself, this  recipe is very similar.

As well as being enjoyed by our family over the years, I like to think that the link with these cakes goes back even further.

My granny, who lived in the village of Grosmont just on the Welsh border, was widowed at a young age with 3 small children to support ( her husband, my grandad, died in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918) and she supplemented her widow's pension by making teas for visitors to Grosmont castle. I like to imagine that maybe Welsh cakes were one of the things she served to her customers along with their pots of tea.

Food is so much more than simple sustenance for the body. 

So often, what we eat is mixed with memories and thoughts of loved ones.

Don't you agree?

Speak soon 




  1. My dad was brought up by his Welsh-born grandparents after losing both of his parents in the flu pandemic when he was just 5 years old. Not sure if they fed him Welsh cakes but I love them. Just can't eat them at the mo as I've given up cakes and biscuits for Lent. Enjoy yours!

    1. Hi Liz. They are delicious little treats aren't they?

  2. So sad that your granny lost her husband, it must have been so hard for her. No doubt her teas were delicious. I do love Welsh cakes, I must make some soon. CJ xx

  3. Love a good Welshcake! Oh, yes - I remember those little Be-Ro books with a young girl in her gymslip on the front cover, full of traditional tea time recipes!


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