Good news and bad

First the bad news. Thieves targeted our allotment site last weekend and our shed was one of the ones broken into. It seems the thieves were armed with metal cutters and sliced straight through the padlock on the door. Fortunately, no damage was done to the shed and nothing was taken, mainly because there was nothing of any value in it. Others were not so lucky and had valuable tools such as rotavators stolen. Sadly, there is always someone who will spoil the fun.

The second bit of bad news is that the bean covered archway collapsed under the weight of its bounty! Mr digandweed did point out back in May, as I optimistically planted seedlings at the base of the archway, that he thought it would not be strong enough and he was proved right! However, I was able to gather most of the beans before consigning it to the scrapheap and compost bin.

Mr digandweed doing what he does best!!

But the GOOD news is that we have a lot of different veg to harvest; sunny yellow courgettes, french beans growing strong up their wigwam, onions, garlic, potatoes and on the squash plants, the baby butternuts continue to swell.

Last night I made frittata for supper using potato, onion courgettes, beans and red pepper. Six eggs made enough for two generous portions. All the vegetables (with the exception of the beans which I cooked until tender and then plunged into cold water) were roasted in the oven  before cooking with the eggs.