The Fens

Mr digandweed is native to these parts, but I am a girl from the west country. I was born not far from the Welsh border and grew up in Bristol. I took hills and mountains for granted until I moved to the fens over thirty years ago and found that someone had bulldozed all the lumps and bumps flat.

To some people the fens are flat and dreary, but all places have their own beauty and there is a unique charm to this watery and peaceful area, criss-crossed as it is by rivers, lakes and dykes. A landscape moulded as much by man's hand, as a result of the drainage in the 17th century, as it is by nature.

Fenland's beauty is all to do with vast openness. In places you can literally see for miles - views uncluttered by hill or tree or hedge.

Hear the call of the curlew or listen to the drumming of a snipe on a summer's evening or see a ghost-like barn owl as it glides silently by at dusk.

But it is in its skyscapes that the Fen's real beauty is exhibited. A vast and ever changing canopy stretches above and to the distance which at times can be stunningly beautiful.


These photos were all taken by mr digandweed on his iphone within a few miles from here.


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