on a dull winter's afternoon

can there be anything more soothing and comforting to make than a loaf of bread? 
 It is easy to buy a good loaf or indeed make it in a bread machine, but nothing beats making it by hand. The wonderful alchemy that happens when flour and water are mixed with yeast always fascinates me. As you knead, a claggy mess turns into something alive and supple, soft and warm. When you hold it in your hands it is like holding a round, plump baby!
 The reward for a small amount of work is something delicious to eat and a house smelling of freshly baked bread.
 My favourite recipe for a basic loaf is one that I found on a Waitrose recipe card called rustic loaf.
I've also made the same recipe with half wholemeal and half white flour which also gave a good result.
 Delicious on its own with butter ....or jam...or cheese ...or pate ...or soup ....or anything really!!


  1. My mouth is watering. It looks like an excellent loaf.

  2. You really can't beat a nice slice of homemade bread with a generous helping of butter!


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