windowsill allotment

Ok, so enough is enough - I'm ready to throw off  winter's woolly blanket now.
I have some daffodils on the dining room table and their sunshine colour is putting a skip in my step and making me restless.

I want to start growing things again!
But until I can get down to the real allotment, I thought I would make an allotment on my windowsill.
So, I've planted trays with broccoli and beetroot seeds and I'm going to grow some micro-veg.
I have a vision of harvesting tiny vibrant shoots in a few days time to sit atop a salad or sandwich.
We shall see - I will keep you posted!


  1. I was just thinking today that I want to start planting up my veg beds again. I was planning what I would put in.

  2. Good way of satisfying your green-fingered urges. I know what you mean about getting restless - too much time spent indoors looking out at a soggy garden & wanting to get out and potter!

  3. Ohh my herb labels make an appearance!


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