butternut squash muffins with a frosty top - Jamie Oliver


Sometimes, it's good to have a cake recipe, like this one, that takes a bit of time, that you can make in a leisurely way, mixing and stirring away to your heart's content; but other times a speedy recipe, that can be mixed up in minutes, is what you need .

This Jamie Oliver recipe is one of those. It is very quick, very easy, all whizzed together in the food processor and you don't even have to peel the squash. What more could you want!


The butternut squash that we grew on the allotment have stored well on a shelf in the garage. This was a good way to use the last of them.
I was a little dubious whether the muffins would be lumpy as the recipe says to leave the skin on the squash. This is not so. They have a very moist, almost fudge-like texture.

The recipe calls for soured cream for the topping, but the only thing in the fridge was 0%  fat yoghurt, so that is what I used and I found it worked well. I reduced the amount of lemon juice to compensate for the more acidic taste and runnier consistency of the yoghurt.

I shall be making these again!



  1. These look delicious!!! Will definitely have to try this recipe!

  2. Amazing that the skin doesn't leave tough bits... will have to try this!


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