mod cons come to the allotments the form of a composting toilet. This is good news as it means that I no longer have to restrict my intake of coffee whilst weeding or interrupt my digging to make a mad dash a mile back up the road to the house!
 For the eco minded amongst you, this is how a composting toilet works.
 I cannot comment personally yet on its use, as we are still awaiting  the grand opening .
I will keep you informed.
Other good news:
One of our allotment neighbours informed us that there was a big heap of help-yourself wood chippings at the other end of the site, so mr digandweed and myself collected a barrow load to replenish the paths on our plot.
and yet more good news... definite signs of spring surround us.

 primroses trembling in the wind
  new buds on the blackcurrant bush
Potatoes chitting on the windowsill. These are Charlotte.
 Surely spring is on its way!



  1. Very good news indeed! You could stay there all day now! Looking forward to a visit when spring is properly here!!

  2. Snow on the ground today, let's hope this is the last blast of winter!

  3. Lack of a loo is what has always put me off allotmenting. Looking at your neatly pruned blackcurrant bush I realise I forgot to prune mine back whenever it was I was supposed to prune it. Damn.


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