my latest obsession

is held in this small bowl.


I've been nurturing it as carefully as a newborn baby.
Here it is-
a sourdough starter!

Made from a recipe in Paul Hollywood's Bread book.
I found the starter took much longer than the 3 days stated to really become active and bubbly, maybe because my kitchen was not at a constant 20-24c and my first loaf was a bit flat and disappointing.
But second time around was a big improvement.

I bought a banneton from Ebay which helps the dough keep its shape whilst rising and also gives the attractive markings on the finished loaf.




  1. What a transformation from uninspiring liquid putty to delicious looking loaf! (ps: had to look up 'banneton'! Certainly gives it a lovely looking crust.)

    1. Love the 'sciencey' bit, making yeast from thin air!

  2. looks delicious! looking forward to coming home and tasting some more!

  3. Ooh, I'm impressed! Hadn't heard of a banneton either but it's given a lovely uniform pattern to your loaf.

  4. That is fabulous! I have never tried to make a sourdough starter. It just all seems so complicated but your beautiful loaf makes it look worth the effort!

  5. I just don't seem to have the patience for sour dough. The starter in my fridge has been lurking for far too long!

  6. That looks absolutely beautiful. I bet it tasted fabulous.


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