the sound of sawing

....and hammering can be heard.
Mr digandweed is busy with a plan.
 All will be revealed soon.
Meanwhile, yesterday full of optimism ( and having checked the forecast ), I carefully transported these down to the allotment ...

...climbing French beans, butternut squash and celeriac plants,
which I then carefully planted in the prepared beds.
All was well.
But in the night we awoke to the sound of a huge thunder and hailstorm. Mounds of hail were still on the ground in the morning.
After a cup of tea to fortify myself, I rushed down to the allotment to inspect the damage. My little plants were battered but not done for!
Today has been a day of biting winds interspersed with more hail. Ah, the British summer!


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed that your little plants make a full recovery and lead a very productive life. : )

  2. I'm re-reading 'Idle Women' by Susan Woolfitt, her recollections of working on canal boats transporting goods during WW2. During a particularly changeable spell of weather she remarks that the English weather is very versatile! We never know what it's going to throw at us next, do we?

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