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Mr digandweed loves fruit cake in any shape or form and the other day mentioned the fact that we had not had any for quite a while.
This set me thinking about different sorts of fruit cake, from the grand celebration cakes for weddings or Christmas to the more humble but nontheless delicious fruit loaf.
Into the latter category come Bara Brith and Irish Tea Bread and they always seem to follow the same basic recipe, i.e.soaking the fruit in some sort of liquid before mixing with the other ingredients.
It was at this point that I remembered a recipe mum used to make using a well known breakfast cereal.

It was one of her regular recipes and a favourite when I was growing up. I remember its slightly chewy texture and crunchy crust.
I'm not sure where mum got the recipe from, but it was probably one that she scribbled down from the back of the cereal box.
She would often tear recipes from magazines or newspapers or jot down a menu idea from something heard on the radio or television. These would be pinned to a board in the kitchen, tucked into the letter rack or popped behind an ornament on the mantlepiece. If you opened one of her cookery books more paper would flutter out, each with a little culinary note or thought.
Actually, come to think of it I do exactly the same now!

This recipe uses a mug to measure the ingredients.
The one I used had  250ml  capacity, which is just about right for a 2lb loaf.

Pre heat oven to 175c
You will need:

1 cup all bran cereal
1cup soft brown sugar
1cup dried fruit.
( I used raisins but you could use mixed fruit if you prefer.)
1 cup milk
1 cup self raising flour.

Mix the all bran cereal, the sugar and fruit in a bowl and pour over the milk.
Stir, then cover with a cloth and leave to soak for about 45 minutes.
Add the flour.
 Mix well and pour into a lined 2lb loaf tin.
Bake on the middle shelf of the oven for 50mins to 1 hour.

And there you have it!

The recipe is very easy.
So much so that I suggested to mr digandweed, whose culinary expertise currently only extends to beans on toast, that he might like to have a go at making it next time!


  1. No butter/oil or eggs!

    looks good, but it won't use up the egg mountain.

    1. No - quite good if you are trying to cut down on fats, but you are right it won't use up an egg mountain! Shame I don't live nearer or I would buy some of your lovely surplus hens eggs!

  2. It must have been on the cereal packet - I still have Mum's index card with the recipe pasted onto it! Fond memories of delicious things Mum used to make.

    1. Ooo! Do you have her lemon meringue pie recipe?

    2. I do still have her lemon meringue pie recipe, on another index card. Remember that lovely lemon filling? I'll e-mail the recipe to you.

  3. Oh blimey, this really is a blast from the past! I seem to remember a time when all my aunties were making it. Must give it a try for old time's sake.

  4. Sorry, I think that should be old times' sake!

  5. We used to make muffins using this cereal. I will have to bake your bread. Hubby loves dried fruit and I love this sort of bread. Thanks! : )

  6. That sounds good! I used to make muffins from all bran too!

  7. I love this recipe!! I will have to make it too! This post also made me think about that other fruit cake you used to make - I used to love that!! x

  8. Looks delicious. I think my mum used to make a similar one.

  9. A 'lo-fat' cake ! Definitely must be tried . Now , if I can just find All Bran in Friesland...

  10. And of course it's good for you, because it's full of bran. And fruit.


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