rhubarb crumble cake

The rhubarb has gone mad again this year and produced a copious harvest. I'm not sure what we are doing, but whatever it is the rhubarb loves it.
However, it has also sent up countless hollow, flowering stems. I've been chopping them off  and putting them on the compost heap but apparently, according to an allotment neighbour, I've not been ruthless enough and should have been removing them right at the base.
So that is what I did.
The plant looks desolate now, but will recover I am told!

Meanwhile, our fridge and freezer is full of the stuff.
Good thing we like rhubarb.

At the weekend I made rhubarb crumble cake. I googled it and found lots of recipes.
This one used vanilla which was a nice addition.

A satisfying mix of sponge, fruit and crumble!



  1. Mmmm. Love the sound of this cake. Rhubarb's one of my favourites too.

  2. That looks so good! We haven't eaten any rhubarb this year so must rectify that.

  3. That sounds like just the recipe to use up my rhubarb crop.


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