never give up

 If there was a prize for the slowest germinating seed,  then this Harlequin squash would surely win!
Planted more than 10 weeks ago, it sat in its pot on the windowsill in the spare bedroom. Its brothers and sisters eventually germinated, but this one showed no sign of growth.
 I left it and watered it from time to time until last week I noticed a little green speck, which eventually unfurled into this.
So the moral of the story is never give up!
Hopefully, it will soon be planted out with the others and I will be looking forward to stripy squash.

And things are looking up in other areas too.

The first of our Charlotte potatoes to be harvested. Not completely blemish free, but hey-ho they were still delicious.
And look, hole-free rocket!
The creepy crawly defence system worked!

And for a quick and easy supper - 
 the potatoes and rocket mixed with tuna and olives in a lemony dressing.

We found this little visitor under a large pot on the allotment.
A little newt and I think, given its size - about 2inches from top to tail - a baby one.
I was going to move the pot to another part of the allotment, but instead put it carefully back.


  1. You'll be delighted to know they feed on slugs, among other things!!

    1. Ooo- good! Was surprised to see it as there is no water nearby.

  2. It all looks so delicious, except for the little newt! ; )

  3. That's a fine potato harvest you have there - and as for the hole-free rocket, I thought that only came in bags from the supermarket!

    1. Thank you! There is quite a lot of scab on the potatoes, but after a quick google search I decided it was probably because the weather has been so dry.


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