saved from the brink of disaster

A Saturday morning,
pouring rain,
more marrows from the allotment waiting to be used ..
.. so I decided to make marrow and ginger jam.
After a search on the internet and I found a recipe that looked good.
It used equal quantities of marrow and sugar, 2 lemons and some ginger.
ready to go
I cooked the marrow as instructed and lightly mashed it before adding the sugar, lemon juice and ginger.
But this is where I think I may have gone wrong.
The recipe was vague about what type of ginger, so I decided to use stem ginger ( the sort that comes in a jar in syrup) which I chopped very finely.
 Having dissolved the sugar, I brought the mixture to a boil, but after barely 5 minutes and before I was ready to test for a set, I realised the jam was burning badly on the bottom of the pan.
I know jam is liable to burn, but I have never known it to burn so quickly and so spectacularly!
In retrospect, I think I should have used fresh root ginger, as I think it was the sugary stem ginger which sunk to the bottom and burned.
I removed the pan from the heat straight away and salvaged what I could.
My jam would not win any prizes, as it is very softly set and with a slight caramel flavour!
However it still tastes nice and is a beautiful amber colour.




  1. Your jam has a lovely colour, and I bet the stem ginger gives it a great flavour. And there's nothing wrong with soft set jam - it's very good stirred into Greek yoghurt... or some whipped cream to use as a cake filling.

    1. Thank you! I shall definitely try it stirred into yoghurt for a quick dessert.

  2. Looks delicious. My mum-n-law loves ginger. I must save this recipe for when my allotment friends give me a marrow.

  3. Ooh, it does look so very yummy. Ginger is a favourite of mine, I use it all the time in one form or another. Love your bowl, too.


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