while my back was turned.....

this happened!
The courgettes morphed into marrows! This one is 40cms. long.
So this is what I made --

 and this ...

and this ....
Photo 1 ..  Courgette and mint soup. Many thanks to Sarah at the garden deli for this delicious soup recipe.
Photo 2 ..  Quick courgette lasagne. A big thanks to Gina at Fan my Flame for this yummy recipe. Voted best lasagne by mr digandweed!
Photo 3 .. And finally another big thanks to my sister for this clever idea of using a lentil salad mixture from Jamie's 15 minute meals to stuff marrow rings.




  1. I'm beginning to wish that I'd planted more courgettes now - you're finding so many ways to turn them into great dishes. Thanks for the mention of my soup... hope you enjoyed it!

    1. The soup was delicious. It will definitely go on my favourites list.

  2. Glad you liked the lasagne. It is a firm favourite in our house. It is still a mystery to me how courgettes and other squash seem to double in size overnight!

  3. Once again, thanks for these recipes. The courgette salad from your last post was delicious, and I'll definitely be trying that soup.

  4. You do eat well at your place. I may have to move in.

  5. That lasagne looks lovely. And congrats on your 'marrogettes' - we managed one fat courgette from two plants this year. Pathetic! Soemthing to do with a lack of pollination, apparently...

  6. There's going to be lots more Puy lentil stuffed marrow in our house as our two marrow plants are rampaging round the veg plot at the moment. I'm thinking of marrow & ginger jam when we've had enough savoury marrow.


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