west country compilation

Things to do when you are in the west country:

1.  Meet up again with mister Fudge
2.  Marvel at the self sown melon in your sister's front garden.
( To get your very own self sown melon, put the seeds from the melon which you have enjoyed for dinner, onto the compost heap. The following year spread the resulting compost onto your flower beds and watch as an odd looking weed starts to grow and produce mini melons!)
3.  Go 'Gromit hunting' in the historic city of Bristol.
See Debs Dust Bunny for more info.
4.  Have a wonderful meal at the River Cottage canteen.

And finally, ignore the weather forecast which predicted wall to wall rain and revel in the sunshine at
If, like me, you love gardening, growing veggies, cooking and eating, then this is heaven on earth!
Beautiful, inspirational  flower gardens,
a lovely vegetable garden - I particularly liked the space-saving squashes and courgettes growing up metal supports-
and a quirky tea-room selling delicious homemade food.
What more could you want!
Picture on the door of the ladies' toilet!



  1. Mister Fudge is very pleased to see that he appears above a certain other canine in your blog post, as befits a dog of regal origins!

  2. I'd love to visit Mr. Fudge and see more Gromits, eat some melon and go to River Cottage for lunch. I must visit Yeo Valley Gardens. So many things to do...so little time! : )x

    PS: thanks for mentioning me in your lovely blog post!

    1. Yeo Valley gardens is well worth a visit in my opinion, but it is only open on Thursdays and Fridays and some Sundays and I think may close for winter in October.

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip. Mr Fudge is rather beautiful.

  4. We've never been to the West Country but we'll be holidaying in the UK for the foreseeable future. That part of the world looks lovely!

    Interesting to read about your recipes using what you've grown. We've received vast quantities of veg from allotment-owning relatives and I suspect the freezer will soon be rather full.

    It does give you a bit of a self-satisfied feeling though, replenishing the stores and all that :)

    1. Yes a lovely part of the country and you are right, there is something very satisfying about making food from things you have grown,

  5. Love those pictures. Looks like you had a great trip with some delicious treats. (I hope cake featured along the way.)

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  7. Holidays and sunshine - perfect.

    And thank you for the link to Cowshed Holidays because following of from your recommendation we booked in, and had a wonderful time. Isn't blogging a marvellous thing for making new links?

    1. Oooo! So glad you went and enjoyed it. It was a lovely place wasn't it?


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