wild harvests

There is nothing nicer, when autumn makes an entrance with a nip in the air and cooler nights, than to pull on a woolly cardi, grab a bowl and go blackberrying.

The hedgerows are bursting with food for free at the moment, but blackberries are surely the most popular and easily recognisable.


Delicious and versatile, they are also very good for you.

So what to do with my delicious free harvest?
Bramble jelly is delicious -
 but at the moment the cupboards are well stocked with preserves, having turned our allotment blackcurrants and surplus marrows into jam.
Blackberry and apple crumble?
Always yummy - soft fruit oozing into a crumbly, crunchy top.
Or -- maybe this?
Blackberry and vanilla ice cream.

Thank you once again to Sarah at The Garden Deli for posting her take on what must be the easiest ice cream ever originally found here.
I substituted blackberry puree for the plums in Sarah's version.
Very yummy and no whisking required!



  1. Your photo looks so gorgeous I feel I could lick the ice cream straight off the screen!

  2. Fabulous photos... gorgeous ice cream! I've got to find a blackberry patch.

  3. Your photo has convinced me - I've got to try the ice cream with blackberries now, what a great colour. Thanks for the mention of my recipe!

  4. What a brilliant ice-cream recipe! Thank you... one I'll be making soon, I think it will adapt nicely to use my not-quite-set-properly Damson Cheese-sauce :-)

  5. Oh, that ice cream! Thanks for the link.


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