lately - easter weekend

 At the beginning of the week we spent a few days in the beautiful peak district near Bakewell, the home of a certain tart.
It was a family break to celebrate mr digandweed's forthcoming birthday, one of those important ones that ends in a zero!
The weather was beautiful.
We walked.
We cycled.
We ate.
We laughed.

Our walks took us along the banks of the beautiful river Wye. Not to be confused with the river Wye that runs through Hereford, the Derbyshire Wye, is a relatively short river of 15 miles. Its source is near Buxton and it flows south easterly through Bakewell to join the river  Derwent.

It is one of those lively hillside rivers whose waters tumble and dance over rocks and stones. At times it is not much more than a stream and so shallow that the bottom can be clearly seen.
We stopped on our walk for a rest and mr digandweed, still a boy at heart, paddled and skimmed stones. Further on we all gathered at an old stone bridge to watch a family of adorable ducklings, bobbing like fluffy corks in the strong current. We counted 18 ducklings, which seemed like a huge amount for one mother duck, but she was a very patient mother, carefully watching her brood and calling if one or two strayed too far.
In Bakewell itself, we stood and stared at the huge trout, swimming against the current and vying with the ducks and swans for pieces of bread thrown in by passers by.
All in all, a wonderful and relaxing time.

Back home and with the sun still shining, it was time to catch up with everything on the lottie.
From left to right:

a welcome ladybird visitor
 lovely daughter number 2 helping out
 mr digandweed taking a break
 the wallflowers are out.

Hoping that the spring sunshine continues and wishing everyone a Happy Easter.




  1. That sounds like a perfect break. We stayed in a cottage near Bakewell at this time of year just a few years back and your photos reminded me of what a lovely weekend we had. Enjoy the rest of this weekend!

  2. The very name Bakewell fills me with warm, sweet thoughts although I have yet to visit the place! I am very glad you had such a wonderful time. Your words convey beautifully the pleasures of your time away and your pictures, as always, are fantastic.

    Happy Easter to you!


  3. Beautiful wallflowers! It sounds like a perfect day - we'd like to visit the Peak District more. We spotted our first little duckings of the spring yesterday too, so sweet.
    Have a lovely Easter Sunday and Monday :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Mr.D! And Happy Easter to you and yours. X

  5. Love your pictures. Happy Easter Monday and birthday greetings to the mister.


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