of derbyshire dales and wild flowers

More pics of our time in Derbyshire, this time taken on mr digandweed's i-phone. 

a nearby stream at dusk, the family of ducklings, a beautiful old watermill, authentic Bakewell tart for sale in a lovely deli and a sea of hyacinths at Chatsworth House.

and some of the wild flowers we saw on our hols

bluebells, wood anemone and celandine.

Sadly many of our native wild flowers are under threat as their natural habitats diminish.
A few weeks ago, Countryfile launched a Grow Wild campaign and I registered to receive a selection of wild flower seeds.
I had forgotten all about it and so on our return from the Peak District, it was a pleasant surprise to find an envelope containing my wild flower seeds
waiting on the doormat.
Earlier in the week, I sowed my packet of seeds on a patch of ground on the allotment and hopefully in a few weeks will have some beautiful flowers to attract and feed bees, butterflies and other insects.

My seed selection includes annuals and perennials such as

red campion, corncockle, corn poppy and meadow buttercup.

If you are interested in finding out more the link to the Grow Wild  website is here.


  1. Lovely photos! Such a nice time of year with all the bluebells and celandine... it feels like the winter's well and truly behind us despite the chilliness in the air. A few days of sunshine really lift the spirit - I suspect a slice of that tart would have the same effect!

  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.


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