hugh fearnley-whittingstall's magic bread dough

merguez chickpeas with flatbreads

Some suppers are 'spur of the moment, rummage in the fridge type meals'; others require forward planning and this is one of those although, having some of the magic dough  tucked away in the freezer shortens the preparation time considerably, meaning the only thing you have to remember before stumbling off to bed the night before is to put some chickpeas to soak
( and even this step can be omitted if you have the handy canned sort in the cupboard)

The flatbreads are easy to make. Simply roll out a piece of dough the size of a lemon into a very thin disk and cook in a very hot preheated pan for about 2 minutes on each side.
 Keep warm in a clean tea towel.

The recipe for the merguez chickpeas is from River Cottage Veg Everyday and can be found here.
A few minutes spent googling revealed that the term merguez refers to a spicy North African sausage, but maybe you knew that!
 Here, the same North African spices are used as a basis for a dressing for warm chickpeas.
I added more cayenne and the zest and juice of a lemon to the original recipe.

Great as part of a tapas style lunch or supper.


  1. I love meals like this, with sauces & salad too!

  2. Looks delish. I've tried a few of the recipes from that book (yes, they do seem to be generally tapas or mezze style rather than full blown main meals) and they've all been very tasty.

  3. The flatbreads look particularly amazing. One of my favourite things ever, and definitely better when home made. x


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