lately on the lottie - mid may

I always think May is a beautiful month and this year has been no exception.
We have had an almost perfect balance of rain and sun and the plants are responding accordingly with soft green growth.

Every gardener knows there are always successes and failures and the moral of the story is to learn to take the rough with the smooth.

Highlights chez fenland lottie this month include:

chives buzzing with busy bees!
lots of flowers on the strawbwerry plants
red onions growing well
lots of tiny apples on the little apple tree. which is very impressive given that this is its first year. Maybe the mycorrhizal fungus has helped it to establish.
delicate frilled flowers on the sweet williams
rhubarb plant going mad - again!
garlic growing well

But we will gloss over the fact that the parsnip seeds planted several weeks ago seem to be refusing to germinate
and that my salad leaves are peppered with tiny holes, despite using the creepycrawly defence system.

Finally, the blackbird in the photo above has been singing his heart out in the bushes next to our lottie ...beautiful.


  1. I like it when the weather is mixed though I prefer what we had at the beginning of May. Rain at night and sunshine in the day. I'm glad your tree has some apples, I thought mine would be without this year but I have spotted a few on the tree,

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the bee, the blackbird and the onions especially.
    Sounds like you're having lots of success. You always have one or two disappointments but the things that are working will bring you lots of pleasure (and desserts!)
    Sweet williams are a highlight of this time of year for me. Ours aren't flowering yet but they're only £1.50 a bunch at Morrison's at the moment so can't complain.
    Hope the weekend weather picks up for you.
    S x

    1. Thanks Sarah. Sweet williams are very pretty and smell nice too. Happy weekend to you also. x

  3. Lovely post! I though my courgettes had refused to geminate but today they are starting to show!

  4. Hold on in there with the parsnips. Mine went in weeks ago and are only just beginning to come through - not many though.

    1. Ok, thanks Colleen. I will hang on for a bit longer and talk to them nicely!

  5. Great photos. You sound to be having better late May weather than we are - almost constant rain here. But at least the water butt is good and full ready for when the hot weather arrives!


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