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Lavender are fantastic plants; tough, hardy, reliable and great for attracting bees and butterflies, not to mention the pretty flowers, beautiful fragrance and culinary uses.
Every garden or allotment should have one ...or more!
Hidcote is my favourite amongst the lavenders for its neat, bushy habit, so when I saw them at the local garden centre for a very good price, I snapped up two and have planted them in pots on the lottie.

  I nipped down to the allotment earlier, dodging the thunderstorms, for some general tidying up.
I cut back and cleared the strawberry bed, weeded other areas and gathered more plums, which against all the odds has turned into a bumper crop of the most delicious fruit -
sweet, juicy with flesh like honey so, so much better than the imported peaches etc which often have all the taste and allure of damp cotton wool.

I also spied amongst a jungle of leaves some baby butternut squash - variety Hunter grown from seed back in the spring.

And in our garden, some late summer colour, looking fresh and revived after the morning rain.

Meanwhile, last week, hot on the heels of the Tour de France, our little market town was host to another cycle race,  the Circuit of the Fens.
The 134 mile race is part of the British Cycling Grand Prix series and featured about 140 leading riders.
The weather was very hot as the cyclists battled it out along the flat, sunbaked Fen roads before completing several laps of the town centre.
All very exciting!



  1. I love lavender and have a small hedge of Hidecote running down the drive. I've taken cuttings and hope a few make it. Everything in your garden looks lush and lovely.

  2. I have several pots of lavender that I love so I have always got some in the kitchen hanging up to dry for crafting projects.

  3. Another fan of lavender here but all but one of our plants have failed to flourish this year. Not sure what happened there. It's certainly been a good summer for cycling (and watching other people cycling!).

  4. Yup - I'm with the other commenters on the lavender front. It must be one of the best plants to have in the garden (or at the allotment). My son made some lavender scones the other day - which tasted really good, despite my suspicion of anything flavoured with flowers that are also used in soap!


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